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OneDealer Announces Official Partnership with ​ŠKODA AUTO as a Certified Provider

Established in 1970, Kosmocar is an official importer and distributor of VW, Audi and Skoda automobiles. Having operated from their base in Greece for over forty-seven years, this innovative company has established a wealth of trust with its customers across its 120 authorized dealers.

Torpedo Automobile GmbH is achieving workflow standardization, transparency, paperless transactions, integrated data systems, and effective customer communication through campaign management for enhanced digital sales with the OneDealer Digital Sales Workplace.

BMW Retail network enables all the sales processes with OneDealer

Leading automotive Insurance company in the German market increases customer royalty and establishes a new Business Model in just 11 weeks!

OneDealer® MySite: Striking the Perfect Balance Between Centralized Content Control and Dealer-Specific Management for BJT

Hyundai & KIA importer in Greece moves its dealer networks into the digital era with OneDealer.

Transforming Opel Greece’s Sales Process: Empowering Success with OneDealer’s Digital Sales Workplace

Optimizing Sales Efficiency and Customer Experience: Unleashing the Potential of OneDealer’s Digital Sales Workplace for Vasilakis Group

OneDealer® MySite hits the “sweet spot” between centralized control of content and decentralized dealer-specific content management. Implementation in 12 Eastern Europe Countries.

Motorcycles retailing tends to still use traditional selling methods. Suzuki Motorbikes importer in Greece takes the first step to digital transformation.

Helping AVIS Greece to become the pioneer in providing ​“cAr on Demand” services​

OneDealer Keeps on Driving Innovation. Launches a Used Car Sales Engine, First Time for Autobesikos S.A.

TrapoFit has adopted OneDealer to build a software platform that provides consistent web-based sales and after-sales customer experience, direct.

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