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Case Study: OneDealer automotive retail suite

Optimizing Sales Efficiency and Customer Experience: Unleashing the Potential of OneDealer’s Digital Sales Workplace for Ornos SA


  • Complex pricing and discount structures across multiple brands
  • Inconsistent sales processes and customer experiences
  • Need for an advanced vehicle configurator for personalized customization


  • Integration with inventory management system for real-time inventory updates and availability
  • Streamlined pricing management system
  • Standardized sales processes and customer journey mapping
  • Implementation of an advanced vehicle configurator for personalized customization
  •  Integration with Importer (Central Ordering System)

Point of Sales
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OneDealer and Skoda Poland Collaborate to Launch 52 New Dealer Websites and 28 more for service-only Skoda dealers.

OneDealer, the leading provider of automotive retail digitalization, is thrilled to announce the continuation of its successful partnership with Skoda, this time expanding into Poland. This strategic alliance with Skoda Poland marks a pivotal moment as OneDealer embarks on a journey to revamp the digital landscape for the brand by launching a total of 52 Skoda dealer websites and 28 more for service-only dealers.