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Case Study: OneDealer automotive retail suite

OneDealer® MySite: Striking the Perfect Balance Between Centralized Content Control and Dealer-Specific Management for BJT


  • Need for rapid website deployment with inline content editing capabilities.
  • Requirement for maintaining consistent brand identity and messaging across multilingual functions for a wider audience.
  • Objective of generating qualified leads and effectively guiding customers to the right dealership for enhanced conversions.
  • Challenge of efficiently managing orders, stock, and warranties


  • Leverage OneDealer’s MySite, providing a centralized platform for BJT to efficiently manage multiple automotive dealer websites.
  • Enable streamlined centralized website management and maintain consistency.
  • Enhance digital presence for improved user experience and lead attraction.
  • Offer tailored customization and management of dealer-specific content.
  • Implement a Dealer Portal, enabling BJT to manage and control orders, stock, and warranties effectively.

+ Dealerships
Hour Maximum Set-Up Time per Dealer
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