Case Study: OneDealer automotive retail suite

OneDealer® MySite hits the “sweet spot” between centralized control of content and decentralized dealer-specific content management. Implementation in 12 Eastern Europe Countries.


Project Description


  • Deploy ONE installation where all content can be centrally managed and populated to all/selected dealers. At the same time, every dealer should have the flexibility to manage their own content, on the same website.


  • Every country can create and edit the content of all dealers’ sites in a centralized manner (new model launches, country-wide promos, etc)
  • Every dealer has the freedom to manage their dealer-specific content on the website.
  • Centralized monitoring of lead generation is achieved, avoiding “leakages” of forgotten leads and opportunities, across the entire dealer network (every dealer is automatically updated about any new lead, and is responsible for follow-up).
Hours for Setup time per dealer
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OneDealer announces partnership with Skoda Luxembourg

“Both the platform and the services provided by OneDealer are outstanding. The platform is so easy and straightforward, providing us all the tools we need, while the support service we receive is at the premium level, both in speed and quality. Highly recommended in all aspects.”

Adrien Adnet – Product Manager Škoda Luxembourg / Losch