Suzuki Motorbikes

Case Study: OneDealer automotive retail suite

Motorcycles retailing tends to still use traditional selling methods. Suzuki Motorbikes importer in Greece takes the first step to digital transformation.


  • Lack of transparency and non-integrated sales process across dealer network.
  • Use of excel pricelists risking providing customers wrong quotations if excel not up-to-date
  • Offers provided on paper to customers
  • Big gap to cover from traditional selling methods to digital transformation
  • Importer had no picture of daily processes, orders or any other sale-related information


  • Automatic lead capturing from more than 10 different sources and intelligent distribution to sales teams across the country
  • All channels provide one consistent customer experience for the sales team and customers
  • All data in one cloud-based database
  • Promote sales best practices across the connected dealers’ network
  • Digitally transform the sales process to achieve a consistent look and feel during the customer journey;
  • Importer is automatically informed of any new order

Days of development switching from vehicles to motorbikes
month for full product delivery, along with the customizations
authorized dealers
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