Branded Dealer Websites for Your Entire Network with NetSites.

Capitalize on Your Network’s Most Valuable Digital Assets. Build Strong Brand Consistency & Local Presence

NetSites ensures that every dealer website in your network mirrors your brand identity and is SEO-optimized. Empower your dealers to easily customize their own content and distribute centrally produced content to all dealer websites within seconds, while offering a consistent customer experience across your channels. Strengthen your brand’s local presence and drive sales with ease. NetSites seamlessly integrates with OEM and market systems for ultimate efficiency (vehicle configurator, lead generation forms, etc).

Turn your dealer websites into lead magnets

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Empowering Dealers. Driving Network Success.

User-Friendly Multi-Site Management for Automotive Networks

  • Designed for automotive. NetSites provides a user-friendly interface specifically designed for automotive business users. Predefined components ensure brand consistency across your dealer websites, even for multi-brand dealers.
  • Centralized control, local flexibility. Manage your entire dealer network’s content from one place, saving time and resources, while also allowing dealers to create and manage their own content on their websites. NetSites empowers individual markets and dealers to adapt localized content while maintaining brand guidelines.
  • From Global > to Country > to Dealer: Design and functional updates are cascaded automatically across all 3 levels of hierarchy/localization.
  • SEO power for local dominance. Predefined page components and SEO guidance ensure your dealerships rank high in local search results. NetSites helps you attract more customers and drive sales across your network.
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built for business users

Built for the business users

Point-and-edit functionality that makes daily content management a breeze

  • Radically user-friendly content management platform
  • Predefined brand-specific components
  • Consistent look & feel always safeguarded
  • Agency Access (market & dealer level)
  • Different access options for OEM / Importer / Dealer users
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Save Time, Gain Control. Manage all your dealer websites in one place.

Achieve operational efficiency and gain control over your brand presence across all locations with NetSites.

NetSites empowers you with a centralized platform for managing your entire dealer network’s websites. Eliminate the hassle of logging into individual sites for updates and edits. Make changes effortlessly, saving time and resources. Gain valuable insights by easily monitoring website performance and tracking dealer activity.

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Enable Your Dealer Network with Easy Content Sharing

  • Share Content Instantly: Easily distribute updates and information across your entire network or to specific dealer groups.
  • Target Your Audience: Deliver specific campaigns and content directly to relevant dealer groups based on who you want to target (service-only, brand, region, size, etc.).
  • Maintain Control: Set clear permissions for each dealer group (view, copy, or pull content) for ultimate control over your messaging.
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Natively Integrated Systems – Always Updated

NetSites bridges the gap between HQ and local market systems, ensuring all your dealer websites display the most up-to-date information. Every single dealer website may feature:

  • New Models Database
  • Configurator
  • Financing Calculator
  • Lead-Generation Forms
  • Branches Database
  • Stock Cars Database
  • Any other Global/Market Functionality

Any components that already exist at the level of the country or the global level may need zero or minor changes to be seamlessly integrated with NetSites and appear on every dealer website. Leads generated and actions performed on these components are attributed to the appropriate dealer, even if these components are centrally maintained.

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Natively Integrated Systems – Always Updated
Blazing-Fast Performance and Bulletproof Security

Blazing-Fast Performance and Bulletproof Security

NetSites leverages the power of Akamai®, the industry-leading Content Delivery Network (CDN), to ensure your dealer websites deliver a seamless user experience. Akamai’s global network guarantees:

Scalable architecture: Tens of thousands of dealer sites can be supported under one installation, through unlimited scaling-out

Ultra-Fast Loading Speeds: Content is delivered from geographically distributed servers, optimizing website performance for visitors regardless of location.
Advanced Security: Akamai’s AI-driven web application protection safeguards your websites from potential threats, providing peace of mind and a secure browsing experience.

Cloud-native: Natively built on the cloud, the platform is also available to operate in its own cloud infrastructure

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