Research Projects


ERICA (ElectRIc Car ShAring)

The ERICA project aims to develop an electric vehicle sharing service. The successful operation of an Electric Car sharing system requires addressing specific challenges in their design and management. The implementation of the Electric Car-sharing system and the deployment of the service is initially carried out in Greece, starting from the city of Corfu…read more

The Role of OneDealer

OneDealer specializes in providing IT solutions, primarily in the industrial, automotive, telecommunications, consumer goods, healthcare, wholesale and retail, energy and financial institutions sectors. It has developed particular expertise in the automotive sector where, after a long-standing collaboration with manufacturers, distributors and entrepreneurs in the field, it has developed the OneDealer platform that aims to provide extensive B2B and B2C services with global reach. Specifically, using state-of-the-art technologies, cloud-based environments are implemented in close cooperation with manufacturers and vehicle importers regarding CRM, Digital Marketing, Sales & After Sales processes. In this context, it has developed strong R&D regarding software for new forms of mobility such as car sharing with a broader goal of creating integrated end-to-end Mobility-as-a-Service environments.

The know-how that will be acquired on the occasion of the implementation of this research project will form the basis for OneDealer to develop solutions that incorporate modern techniques and tools in other systems that it manages or will be called upon to implement and manage in the future. The know-how concerns the fields of data analysis and the implementation of strategies to promote e-services in vehicle sharing systems. With the implementation of this project, the company will have gained a significant technological and competitive advantage, which will accompany it in the next e-services it will develop in the future, as well as improve its overall activity related to the design and implementation of vehicle sharing systems through the application of innovative decision making tools.

Erica Project Details
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