Mar 22
Skoda Dealer Network Websites Webinar

Skoda Dealer Network Websites: Leverage Your Network’s Most Valuable Digital Assets – Dealer Websites with OneDealer’s Ongoing Support

OneDealer is pleased to announce the successful outcome of our recent webinar, unlocking the full potential of the Skoda Dealer Websites. Nearly 100 participants from four Skoda markets joined the session, including representatives from Skoda HQ, importers, NSCs, and their dealer networks.

This interactive session focused on the importance of dealer websites in building a strong digital presence combining Škoda as the global brand with the power of the local brand – the Dealer- to drive sales and after-sales success. Actively using and exploiting the vast possibilities of both Market and Dealer Network administrator dashboards is key to maximizing website effectiveness.

Participants gained valuable insights on how to use OneDealer Mysite software to:

  • Create engaging website content like news and reviews.
  • Improve website visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips and tricks.
  • Launch targeted sales and after-sales campaigns aligned with global Skoda policies and local market needs.
  • Keep websites fresh and engaging with consistent content updates.

The positive feedback we received is a testament to the value of the webinar:

“Very informative and helpful session!”

“Looking forward to using the new features.”

“Thanks for the many tips and tricks!”


Beyond the Webinar: Your Continued Success Matters

At OneDealer, we believe in building lasting partnerships. Our commitment goes beyond simply delivering products. We offer ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of your Skoda Dealer Website Toolkit.


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