May 27
OneDealer for Autobesikos

OneDealer Keeps on Driving Innovation. Launches a Used Car Sales Engine, First Time for Autobesikos S.A.

OneDealer Drives Sales Success for Autobesikos S.A. with Innovative Used Car Sales Engine

Autobesikos S.A. is accelerating used car sales with a powerful new engine from OneDealer. This innovative solution tackles key challenges, streamlining inventory management, lead capture, and ad posting for a smoother sales journey.

Seamless Integration

The user-friendly system seamlessly integrates with Autobesikos’s website, making ad posting and lead capture a breeze.

Measurable Success

Within the first 25 days of implementation, Autobesikos achieved:

  • 316 Incoming Leads: A significant surge in potential customer inquiries.
  • 75 Sales Closed: A remarkable sales conversion rate.
  • 24 Active Users: High user engagement with the new system.

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