Dec 22
OneDealer and Fiat Group in Greece

Optimizing Sales Efficiency and Customer Experience for Fiat Group in Greece with OneDealer Digital Sales Workplace.

In a transformative collaboration, OneDealer, a leading provider of automotive retail technology solutions, partners with Fiat Group, managed by Vasilakis Company, to address specific challenges encountered by the company.

With 37 dealers, 43 points of sale, and 100 users, OneDealer Digital Sales Workplace proves instrumental in optimizing sales efficiency and customer experience.

Customer Challenges:
• Complex Pricing and Discounts
• Inconsistent Sales Processes
• Lack of Advanced Vehicle Customization Solution

Results with OneDealer Digital Sales Workplace:
• Integration with the Group Inventory Management System
Seamless integration with Fiat Group’s inventory management system, providing real-time updates on inventory levels for more informed decision-making.

• Simplified Pricing Management:
Fiat Group has a transparent pricing system. Easily add and automatically cascade sales incentives across their dealer network. This empowers Fiat Group to optimize pricing strategies with ease and schedule campaigns for the entire year with automatic activation.

• Standardized Sales Processes and Customer Journey Mapping:
With OneDealer’s Digital Sales Workplace Software, a consistent and seamless experience for customers across all touchpoints is ensured.

• Advanced Vehicle Configurator:
Addressing the demand for personalized customization, OneDealer integrates a practical, advanced vehicle configurator into Fiat Group’s Digital Sales Workplace. This allows salespeople to tailor vehicles to the specific preferences of their customers and give a customized offer with the click of a button.

• Integration with Importer Central Ordering System:
OneDealer’s solution extends to practical integration with the Importer’s Central Ordering System, connecting 37 dealers, 43 points of sale, and supporting 100 users. This integration ensures efficient communication and coordination across the supply chain.

A Practical Shift towards Efficient Sales:
In this collaboration, Fiat Group, managed by Vasilakis Company, is poised to make practical improvements in its sales operations. The proposed solutions focus on addressing current challenges, enhancing operational efficiency, and delivering a straightforward and effective digital sales workplace.