Feb 15
Brian James Trailers Expansion with OneDealer

Expanding Horizons: OneDealer® MySite Supports Brian James Trailers’ Growth Across the World

Brian James Trailers (BJT), a renowned name in the trailer industry, has continually embraced innovative solutions to enhance its digital presence and streamline operations.

Partnering with OneDealer®, BJT embarked on a journey to revolutionize its online platform, ensuring seamless management across multiple country websites while maintaining brand consistency and driving lead generation. Now, with the latest update, BJT has expanded its reach into three new countries: Finland, Norway, and Spain, marking another significant milestone in their growth trajectory.

Challenges Addressed:
BJT faced several challenges that necessitated a comprehensive digital solution:
1. Rapid Website Deployment: The need for quick website deployment with inline content editing capabilities to adapt to evolving market demands.
2. Consistent Brand Identity: Maintaining consistent brand identity and messaging across multilingual functions for a diverse audience.
3. Integrated “Easy to use configurator” for each trailer model
4. Lead Generation: Generating qualified leads and guiding customers to the right dealership for improved conversions.
5. Efficient Operations Management: Managing orders, stock, and warranties efficiently across multiple locations.

Solution Overview:
To address these challenges and pave the way for sustainable growth, BJT leveraged OneDealer’s MySite platform, a robust solution offering centralized website management with local customization features. The key elements of the solution included:
1. Centralized Platform: MySite provided BJT with a centralized platform to efficiently manage multiple websites, streamlining operations and reducing overhead.
2. Brand Consistency: The platform enabled BJT to maintain brand consistency across all websites, ensuring a cohesive brand experience for users.
3. Enhanced User Experience: By enhancing its digital presence and integrating a trailer configurator, BJT aimed to improve user experience, attracting more leads, and driving conversions.
4. Dealer Portal: The implementation of a Dealer Portal allowed BJT to manage and control orders, stock, and warranties effectively, optimizing operational efficiency.

Expansion into New Markets:
Building on the success of its digital transformation journey, BJT expanded its reach into three new countries: Finland, Norway, and Spain. With the rollout of dedicated websites for these markets, BJT aims to cater to the specific needs of customers in these regions while maintaining the same level of excellence in product quality and service.

Looking Ahead:
As BJT continues to grow and evolve, its partnership with OneDealer remains instrumental in driving digital innovation and ensuring operational excellence. With the expansion into new markets and ongoing enhancements to its digital platform, BJT is poised for continued success in the competitive trailer industry.

In conclusion, BJT’s collaboration with OneDealer exemplifies the power of leveraging technology to achieve business objectives, demonstrating how a strategic digital approach can fuel growth, enhance customer experiences, and drive operational efficiency.