Digital Sales Workplace

Turn more leads into sales than ever before

Μaximize your impact during every stage of the sales cycle

Digital Sales Workplace is built from a deep understanding of the new generation of car buyers. It enables car dealership sales teams to take a structured, holistic approach to the sales process and turn more inquiries into confirmed orders than ever before.

Transform your dealership’s sales operations


Sales & CRM solution for the automotive industry

Cutting-edge technology

Available via secure cloud and powered by the SAP technology can be integrated into any existing infrastructure


Customers can be guided through the sales process, no matter where they happen to reside in the showroom

How it works – the workflow approach

Without any controls in place, there are numerous opportunities for the car buyer journey to fail. Digital Sales Workplace prevents this from happening by guiding leads down a workflow with strategic triggers along the way, enticing them to explore additional options, make informed decisions and, eventually, commit to the purchase. Workflows are tailored for new vehicles, used vehicles and fleet sales and fully customisable per car make, model and market segment. Sales staff navigate easily through the process, negating the need to invent the journey themselves. At the same time, automatic activity tracking and reporting abolishes the need to write boring visit documentation. Intuitive collaboration tools enable the sales team to work coherently, removing bureaucratic procedures and communication leaks and enabling management to intervene in real time when required.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize sales team efficiency: No more communication leaks. Sales staff work faster and smarter, thanks to a connected, workflow-based inquiry process. Response time to leads is subsequently reduced, and management can monitor sales progress in real-time and collaborate instantly with staff.
  • Boost customer satisfaction. Customers receive timely emails, SMS messages and a personalized microsite relating to their inquiry while maintaining a clear view of the offer on the table.
  • Staff engagement. Painless navigation through a structured sales processes, auto-generated documentation and instant collaboration are delivered via an intuitive and tablet-ready web interface.
  • Fully customizable. Management can define & customize standardized workflows, with manual and automated steps, to fit any vehicle make, market segment, source/channel, or customer group.
  • Cutting-edge technology. Digital Sales Workplace is built on SAP technology which delivers blistering speed and rock-solid reliability while scaling effortlessly. Available via secure cloud.

Key Functionalities

  • Built-in Analytics. Enables transparency into business performance and insights into business processes.
  • Intuitive customizable workflows. Users are navigated through a simple sales process, negating the need to invent the journey themselves.
  • Calendars that highlight upcoming appointments and tasks and test drive scheduling.
  • Automated customer correspondence via SMS, WhatsApp and email.
  • Managers can easily monitor progress and collaborate with Sales.
  • Open leads, opportunities and inquiries lists filtered by salesperson, customer, brand or market segment.
  • Compatible with New, Used and Fleet sales.
  • Office 365 Integration. Transform your E-mails to Sales Opportunities.