Case Study: OneDealer automotive retail suite

OneDealer Keeps on Driving Innovation. Launches a Used Car Sales Engine, First Time for Autobesikos S.A.



  • Used Vehicle Fleet Management: Simplifying management across various marketplaces.
  • Collecting Requests: Consolidating all inquiries from marketplaces into a single location.
  • Multi-Platform Posting: Streamlining the process of posting vehicle ads to multiple marketplaces.
  • Online Sales Reservations: Implementing an immediate and automated response system for online reservations.
  • Order & Inventory Management: Ensuring effective management of orders and inventory.


  • All data in one cloud-based database.
  • 100 % Acceptance of Sales workforce from day one!
  • 100% full interface with their corporate portal ( – powered by Softly)
  • Publish/Republish, hide and delete vehicles to
  • Connected with all forms.
  • Automatic Opportunity creation with reservation in response to online-sales request
  • Full interface with
  • End-to-End Sales Process Integration: Streamlines the customer journey from lead to delivery

OneDealer Delivers with NetSales: 25-Days Results for Autobesikos

Autobesikos Data
Incoming Leads in the first 25 Days
Sales in the first 25 days
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