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Struggling with common network problems? OneDealer’s integrated suite seamlessly works with your existing tools. Grow sales with consistent branding across dealerships, automate marketing to reach the right audience, and streamline sales & aftersales for a boost in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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See how OneDealer drives results across 50+ global automotive networks, empowering leading automotive brands with best-in-class websites, automated marketing campaigns, and streamlined sales & aftersales processes.

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What Makes Us Different?

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Andrien Adnet, Product Manager of Škoda Luxemburg

"We are thrilled to partner with Onedealer and bring these new dealer sites to Luxembourg. By leveraging Onedealer’s innovative technology, we are confident that we can provide a more seamless and personalized experience for our customers, and continue to drive growth for our business."

Edmund Ramirez, Digital Manager of Škoda Ireland

"Our collaboration with OneDealer has proven successful and we endorse their Dealer Sites Certified Program for any car brand aiming to improve their online journey. Their dedication, proficiency, outcome-focused methodology, and flexibility have ensured the efficient launch of the initial pilot sites."

Andreas Christoforidis, Managing Director at Hyundai Hellas

"Hyundai Hellas operates with the belief that the consumers don’t just want speed and efficiency, they expect it. Digital transformation of our dealer network based on the OneDealer products has been fast and effective and has led to higher conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction. Workflow based digital sales & after-sales helped us get transparency and gain full process control. Our expectations regarding the acceptance within our sales and after-sales teams was overachieved from day one."

Nick Brown, Chief Operating Officer at Brian James Trailers Ltd

"When we set-off for building our new multi-country/multi-language portal, we were determined to build a global benchmark website. Our educated choice of OneDealer is now justified, since it provides us with the flexibility to constantly enhance our portal with new customer experience features and self-service functionality, both for our end-customers and our dealers' network. This easy adaptation to our rapidly-evolving business and distribution network proved to be a key factor for our online success, at a global scale."

Christian Ritter, Managing Director at Torpedo Group Hyundai

"With OneDealer, we have created a solid basis to be able to map all functions and facets of a digital process step by step and to serve our customers in a contemporary manner."

Winfried Buff IT & Project Manager at HUK Autowelt GmbH

"We wanted to have an integrated system that is scalable, easy to use and very flexible. And that's when we came across OneDealer, which offers this system in combination with SAP. This was a stroke of luck for us!"

Is Your Software Delivering the Total Experience Your Network Needs and Your Customers Expect?

By 2024, organizations providing a Total Experience will outperform competitors by 25% in satisfaction metrics for both CX and EX.

Satisfied customers lead to repeat business and referrals, while a happy and efficient workforce translates to improved sales performance and overall network success. OneDealer equips you with the tools to bridge the disconnect and deliver the Total Experience.

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Total Experience

Digitalize Everything, Engage Everyone.

Your All-in-One Automotive Network Management (ANM) Suite
Built for Automotive Markets, Networks, and Dealers by Automotive Experts

Centralize Control, Decentralize Power. Manage Websites, Marketing, Sales & After-Sales with the ANM Suite

Centralized Control, Local Flexibility.

Empower your network with the tools they need today.

Drive Network-Wide Sales Growth

Drive Network-Wide Sales Growth

Automate lead nurturing and standardize workflows to increase conversions and enhance customer journeys across your entire network.

Boost Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Boost Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Offer a unified after-sales experience with seamless online booking, centralized feedback management, and DMS integration, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Gain Real-Time Visibility & Control

Gain Real-Time Visibility & Control

See performance across all dealerships in your network, ensuring brand consistency and informed decision-making.

Simplify & Streamline Campaign Management

Simplify & Streamline Campaign Management

Streamline dealer campaigns for targeted messaging and regional customization, maximizing campaign effectiveness while reducing workload.

Optimize Network Efficiency & Profitability

Optimize Network Efficiency & Profitability

Leverage real-time analytics to identify improvement areas and optimize network-wide strategies for maximized efficiency and profitability.

Ensure Seamless Integration & Network Unity

Ensure Seamless Integration & Network Unity

Connect with any DMS in your network, regardless of individual dealer software, fostering a unified network and simplifying operations. Leverage existing software, eliminating data silos.

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