Jul 05
Celebrating the Launch of 30 new Skoda Websites

OneDealer and Skoda Collaborate to Launch 30 New Dealer Sites in Ukraine

OneDealer, the renowned provider of automotive retail digitalization technology, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Skoda Ukraine, a leading automotive manufacturer. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as the two industry leaders join forces to launch 30 new dealer sites in Ukraine, offering an enhanced digital retail experience for Skoda customers.

The partnership between OneDealer and Skoda Ukraine will revolutionize the way automotive retail operates in Ukraine. By leveraging Onedealer’s cutting-edge technology and Skoda’s commitment to innovation, customers can expect an elevated online shopping journey that combines convenience, personalization, and efficiency.

The new dealer websites in Ukraine will empower customers to seamlessly browse Skoda’s extensive inventory, configure vehicles, schedule test drives, and more.

“We are thrilled to partner with Skoda Ukraine on this transformative project and launch 30 new dealer sites in Ukraine,” expressed Christos Maglousidis, COO of OneDealer. “This partnership reflects our shared vision of revolutionizing automotive retail by integrating advanced technology solutions into the customer journey. Together, we aim to provide a seamless and personalized experience for Skoda customers in Ukraine.”

Elena Kubyshyna, the Marketing Director of Škoda Ukraine mentioned: We had a great experience during the dealer solution implementation. The OneDealer agency organized a great workflow and provided all necessary development in the short term. We are grateful to OneDealer Team for quick and skillful support. We appreciated the seamless communication, and strong technical skills of OneDealer team, which helped us to go through all the challenges and as a result have a dynamic, user-friendly, and easy-to-use product for all our dealers on the Ukrainian market. The launch of these 30 new dealer sites demonstrates our commitment to enhancing convenience and satisfaction for our valued customers.”

Len Olena, Advertising Specialist of Skoda Ukraine, commented, “This partnership with OneDealer is an exciting step forward in our digital transformation strategy. By leveraging their expertise, we can ensure that our customers in Ukraine have access to an exceptional digital retail experience. The launch of these 30 new dealer sites demonstrates our commitment to enhancing convenience and satisfaction for our valued customers.”

The collaboration between OneDealer and Skoda Ukraine underscores their shared commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and driving growth within the automotive industry. This partnership opens up new possibilities for digital retail in Ukraine, positioning Skoda as a pioneer in the market.

About OneDealer:
OneDealer is a leading provider of automotive retail technology, offering a suite of software solutions designed to streamline the automotive retail process. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, OneDealer has helped dealerships around the world improve their operations and drive growth.

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