Jul 01
Automotive Network Management Suite Reveal

Automotive Network Management suite – a comprehensive toolkit, designed to empower automotive retail networks.

Automotive Network Management suite

We’re thrilled to reveal the Automotive Network Management suite– a comprehensive toolkit designed to empower automotive retail networks – OEMs, importers, and their dealerships.

The Automotive Network Management suite optimizes the entire automotive ecosystem by:
• Standardizing Operations
• Perfecting Global & Local Brand Synergies
• Unifying Customer Journey
• Creating Enjoyable Employee Experience
• Elevating Dealer Experience

This suite includes four powerful products, each with a specific focus:
NetSites: Branded Websites for Dealer Networks
NetCampaigns: Centrally Managed, Branded Dealer Campaigns
NetSales: Network-Wide Retail Sales Process Engine
NetService: Streamlined & Unified After-Sales Processes

Unlike one-size-fits-all software solutions that require extensive customization, OneDealer’s unmatched expertise in automotive processes and workflows delivers solutions that smoothly integrate with OEMs’ and dealers’ existing systems.

Our complete suite of tools allows our customers to manage everything centrally, from sales and marketing to aftersales, while empowering local flexibility for individual markets and dealerships, avoiding the need to source multiple software providers. This approach caters to the entire customer journey, delivering a total experience for OEMs, dealer users, and ultimately, the customer.

Our customers gain a holistic view of their network operations. This allows data-driven decisions that drive success. OneDealer offers the power of choice. A network can utilize the entire Automotive Network Management suite for complete control or leverage individual tools to address specific needs.

User-friendly interfaces guarantee employee adoption, while robust security safeguards sensitive information. Ongoing support through training and resources ensures maximizing the value of OneDealer. This, combined with our cost-effective solutions, positions OneDealer as the perfect partner for automotive network success.

OneDealer: Driving Automotive Network Success – Simplify. Automate. Grow.

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