Why choose us

Find out why OneDealer should be your partner of choice during your digital transformation journey

A great fit for you and your customers

Most car dealers have optimised some business processes, but still, struggle to deliver the digital experience expected by the modern car buyer. Our intelligent, DMS-independent Cloud CRM and revolutionary automotive e-shop, powered by SAP technology, provides a 360ο view of the consumer. This means you can easily digitise the customer journey and match it with the experience you offer at your dealership.

We’ll help you deliver a customer experience that drives loyalty and ensures your business becomes best-in-class, flexible, and truly capable of growth.

  • We care about your business…
    …and your ability to satisfy customers; we’ll be with you all the way!
  • Deep automotive expertise
    Over 20 years of industry experience, delivered in one intelligent platform, perfectly matching your business processes with customer needs.
  • Innovation, delivered
    We’ll help you innovate every business process to deliver the service level you and your customers expect. Digital transformation with OneDealer solutions is attainable by businesses of any size or complexity.
  • High technology – Low TCO
    Available in modular, software-as-a-service licensing the OneDealer modules are more affordable than you might think. Our approachable subscription model allows you to keep your TCO under control and scale-up your business effortlessly with measurable ROI.
  • Regain Control
    OneDealer solutions deliver tight collaboration with sales teams, deep insights on business-driving KPIs and a 360ο view of the customer.
  • Scalability and flexibility
    Build a solution tailored to your needs using our modular OD architecture, to derive the optimal benefits for sales, marketing, service, management and mobility. OD modules can be used either stand-alone or in a solution suite to boost part or all of your business. We’ll be with you every step of the way to help you innovate and scale – effortlessly.
  • Fast and easy installation
    OneDealer doesn’t require costly on-site infrastructure and is easily accessible online, anytime, anywhere, from any device. We’ll also ensure your OD platform feels instantly intuitive and familiar to your team.
  • Designed from the ground up for the automotive retail market
    The OneDealer platform is created by seasoned experts with a deep understanding of the processes of automotive manufacturers, dealer management systems, information technology and data management. This expertise has been integrated into a unified, intelligent platform that perfectly aligns your business processes with customer needs, supported by robust SAP Hana infrastructure.

Your customers will enjoy

  • Α personalized and seamless shopping experience
    We’ll help you deliver a true omnichannel experience, with an auto-generated personalized microsite for each customer, presenting them with their vehicle details and buying preferences and making data readily available for targeted campaigns and promotions over every channel.
  • A truly virtual dealership
    Conversion-optimised websites, car configurators, online service booking engines, and omnichannel campaigns with managed workflows and close customer tracking provide vital feedback to your sales team on what each buyer really wants before they even set foot in the dealership. Furthermore, our eCommerce suite ensures buyers can purchase vehicles, spare parts or even accessories from you wherever they are and on whatever device they have to hand.
  • On-demand, individualised mobility services
    We’ll help you deliver flexible mobility solutions, tailored to your specific audience, precisely when they’re required. Fleet management, rental-on-demand and even car-sharing have never been simpler.
  • Transparent Pricing
    Our transparent online booking process enables service customers to select and combine work packages, set their drop-off and pick-up date and time and pay with flexibility – and all this with competitive pricing. For online vehicle and spare parts sales, the OD eCommerce solution features integrations for real-time stock updates for new and used cars, transparent car configuration & pricing and online finance deals, topped up with attractive web discounts.