Nov 01

“Test Drive Innovation” : OneDealer solution presented in Greece through Live Demos

Real Consulting, in cooperation with HPE, organized a live demo event to let customers “Test Drive Innovation” for the first time in Greece, at the ECALI Club.

Among the attendees were automotive distributors, importers and dealership representatives, as well as business executives from various Information Technology companies.

“The automotive retail sector is under strong pressure both from reduced margins as well as different buying behaviors,” said Sergio Maccotta, Real Consulting Group CEO. “Dealerships need support from innovative IT solutions to embrace the digital economy and proactively address better informed and more demanding drivers in real-time.”

The OneDealer solution is based on the leading-edge, real-time data analytics technology provided by SAP HANA and leverages years of collective experience gained by Real Consulting’s engineers and developers. The solution, which is fully cloud-based, provides innovation to auto dealerships, distributors, importers and service shops that addresses today’s rapidly transforming Greek auto market by making what were once enterprise-only tools accessible to all.

The OneDealer demo simulated real scenarios, enabling the attendees to evaluate the business benefits based on the following features:

  • A simple, intuitive user interface and mobile access;
  • The ability to leverage social media and multi-channel marketing tools in order to reach a wider audience;
  • Connected car technology;
  • Collection and processing of big data and real time concepts;
  • Easy adoption and simplified it infrastructure.