Create a highly profitable
service centre

Online Service Management

Increase revenue, attract new customers with competitive pricing and upgrade their experience with a stellar digital presence.

Key Benefits

  • Fixed-Price / Fixed-Time Service: Gain a significant competitive advantage by guaranteeing the most competitive, attractive service pricing for your customers. Create a leaner organisation by cutting costs and improving resource utilisation in order to provide guaranteed prices and servicing times.
  • A lean, productive service centre: All service centre work is evenly spread, thanks to resource planning, activity lists per employee and better visibility for management. Handle higher volumes and reduce miscommunications.
  • Become competitive with a paperless workshop: Job orders are created automatically and in digital form, along with spare parts ordering and labour management. Reduce your overheads and pass the savings onto customers.
  • Engage Customers with web service bookings: An automated, transparent online booking process enables customers to select and combine service packages, set their drop-off and pick-up date and time and pay with flexibility – no matter where they happen to be.

How will Online Service Management Benefit my dealership?

  • Beat your competition by offering fixed-price, fixed-time service and on-time vehicle pickup at prices that are both attractive and competitive
  • Embrace a fully automated, workflow-based workshop process and stop losing business due to poor resource utilisation, overpricing and a cumbersome and impersonal service operation
  • Become visible within the service marketplace with cutting-edge online presence and digital marketing integrations.
  • Competitive pricing, guaranteed repair times and an addictive, transparent and fun-to-use web-based booking engine will keep customers coming back for more!


Attract more service customers and keep those that have already visited coming back for more.
With Online Service Management, you can increase your service centre revenue, modernise the customer experience and create a lean service operation which offers competitive pricing and guaranteed turnaround times.
Combining optimal resource utilisation with a robust digital presence that enables customers to easily book services, your dealership can finally offer fixed-price and fixed-time service packages.

Stop losing business because of poor utilisation, overpricing and a cumbersome service operation.

A direct interface to vendors ensures parts are only ordered when required, and thanks to a workflow-based approach and optimised resource planning, service centre work is spread evenly – allowing you to reduce costs and pass those savings onto customers.

Spread work evenly, reduce stock levels and provide an engaging digital presence for the customer. OneDealer’s workflow-based approach will offer significant benefits every step of the way.

Raise the competitiveness of your service centre and elevate your presence within the market.

By optimising resource utilisation via a paperless workshop, creating a rich digital presence and putting the service experience you’re your customers’ hands, you’ll improve your margins, retain more customers and create a lean, high-performing service operation.

Fixed-price, fixed-time service packages give you a competitive advantage thanks to pricing that is attractive to new and existing customers.

At last, a customer-first vehicle service booking approach!

An intuitive, transparent online booking portal enables customers to easily navigate their vehicle make and model tree, select and combine service packages with simple pricing, and chose from a number of flexible payment options – no matter where they happen to be.

With fixed-price, fixed-time servicing guaranteed, your customers can also choose their drop-off date, benefit from on-time pickup and save money.

By putting the service centre experience in the palm of your customers’ hands, you’ll bring in more customers and ensure that those who have already visited will return.

Online Service Management is based on the industry-leading SAP Business One and SAP HANA Automotive Cloud. SAP HANA is the next-generation digital core which will enable your automotive business to adopt industry best practices, take advantage of the Internet of Cars and accelerate Digital Transformation by connecting existing processes with lightning-fast information and insight.

Understand your customers better and deliver complete automotive services on-time and within budget by using real-time information to operate with less risk and more reward.

Gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced automotive industry today with Online Service management.

Key Features

Engage customers with an addictive, fun-to-use web booking engine

Intuitive car model and make, service package selection, pricing and booking

Flexible payment options

Become lean using an intuitive, workflow-based process

Optimize resource planning with automated Job Card creation for efficient spare parts ordering and labour management

Direct interface to manufacturers for reduced costs and a streamlined warehouse management

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