OneDealer DMS integrations

Is OneDealer also a DMS?
What if I already have a DMS in place?
And, if not, do I need one?

Let us answer these questions in the most straightforward way and clear up the picture for you.

OneDealer, at its core, is DMS-agnostic and will work seamlessly with any proprietary DMS or other systems you may have in place, with minimal integration work, to facilitate data interchange for the digital transformation of your sales and aftersales processes.

Making the most out of any DMS system

OneDealer Cloud CRM platform can integrate with any existing DMS system and help dealers entering into the new digital area by providing a holistic view and management of the customer journey. In such an integrated approach, specific DMS components such as centralized resource management and planning or vehicle leasing and financing can be easily offered as plug-in modules when required.

Full retail process coverage

The OneDealer Cloud CRM, powered by SAP, covers every automotive retail process, from sales automation, leads management, online service booking, omnichannel marketing automation and much, much more, ultimately boosting customer relationships and retention and driving strong sales growth.

Raise your sales and efficiencies in today’s challenging automotive marketplace,
working with our global DMS partners

We are continually fostering a strong alliance of OneDealer partnerships globally, to be able to offer uniquely tailored solutions for you and your customers. In this respect, our omnichannel automotive suite works in harmony with some of the world’s leading DMS modules and components such as those offered by incadea, proaxia , XIOMA and H&CO.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics

Based on SAP Business One

Based on SAP Business One

Based on SAP HANA