Turn Digital Leads
into Customers

Digital Presence

Turn digital leads into concrete sales with a cutting-edge digital presence suite and help your dealership to fully embrace Digital Transformation. By quickly deploying a digital marketing-optimized website and building customer loyalty via an ever-present connection with the dealership, OneDealer leaves you in complete control of your online presence. Welcome more customers to the dealership of the future and put the entire experience at their fingertips.


Key Benefits

  • Increase visibility and sales: Quickly and efficiently deploy a branded website to showcase new and used cars, promote special offers and increase quality sales enquiries
  • Boost customer engagement: Connect with customers like never before with personalised marketing offers and service reminders
  • Jump ahead of the competition: Beat your competition to it with an enviable digital presence that keeps customers connected to your dealership
  • Reduce costs: Create a dealership website with a few clicks, benefit from built-in SEO and digital marketing features and enjoy a low TCO

Why Digital Presence

  • Create your virtual dealership website quickly, without the overheads of traditional web design and development
  • Sales enquiries, test drives and service appointments are automated via a personalised customer portal
  • Offer your customers a rich virtual dealership experience, optimised for smartphone, tablet and desktop use
  • Super-targeted marketing campaigns that result in personalised offers and a more engaged customer base


Making it easier to connect with customers than ever before, the Omni Channel suite provides a platform which helps dealerships complete the journey to Digital Transformation.

In a traditionally bricks-and-mortar sales environment, OneDealer stands out as a solution that dealerships can use to raise their profile online and create a purchasing experience that befits the modern car buyer.

The digital era presents significant challenges for dealerships – unless they allow the virtual side of their business to flourish, with Digital Presence.

Digital Presence enables dealerships to increase their visibility by building a web presence that will be the envy of competition.

Your own mobile-ready virtual dealership website can be deployed quickly and then customised fully, without developer skills, to meet your brand guidelines. Multi-lingual support enables dealerships to target a wider customer base than ever before, and built-in SEO ensures prominence within Google’s search results.

OneDealer gives you complete control over your digital presence with simple, in-line website content editing and an ever-present channel for communication with customers.

For dealer networks, Digital Presence offers full multi-site capability with both central- and dealer-generated content management and deployment catered for.

Stock, promotional offers and news items can all be instantly pushed to dealership ‘child’ websites from a centralised platform and advertising banners sent directly to the dealer network.

Dealerships which experience rapid growth will benefit from the one-click child website creation with the added capability for each dealer to showcase their own inventory.

The modern car buyer treads a complex path that can only be tracked by dealerships who have fully embraced Digital Transformation.

With the Digital Presence suite, you can connect with more customers than ever before by offering a fully-personalized web and mobile-app based client portal which provides a single, central place for all pre-sales and after-sales interactions between the customer and your dealership.

New customers are invited to discover the virtual dealership experience by configuring and personalizing a new vehicle, booking a test drive, gaining direct access to their own salesperson and viewing all documentation pertaining to the purchase from one location.

Existing customers are presented, upon login, with detailed information on their cars including vital milestones, service dates and mileage, tire change, emission tests, MOT test dates, a full service history, vehicle and financial documents and personalized reminders and promos, including push notifications via the mobile app.

Although Digital Presence is built on the latest web technologies, it requires zero web development skills, enabling you to instead interact with a modern, approachable user interface.

An in-line content editor makes updating the virtual dealership website a breeze, while fully-responsive web design ensures the dealership experience is always at the customers’ fingertips when using a mobile device.

OneDealer understands the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) which is why the Omni Channel suite automatically generates structured, semantic web content, SEO-friendly URLs and provides native integration with Google Analytics.

Comprehensive APIs enable diverse data to be pulled from third party applications and the Omni Channel suite is fully compatible with the OneDealer DMS, Sales & Lead Management and Campaign Management modules for a truly integrated virtual dealership

Key features

100% customisable virtual dealership website

Personalised promotions and news feed for customers

Multilingual support

Personalised web portal and mobile app to maximize customer engagement

Multi-site capabilities for centralised dealership management

Full API support and OneDealer suite integration

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