Plan and deliver effective
multi-channel automotive campaigns

Campaigns Management

Embrace your entire marketplace and reduce agency fees and slack with Campaigns Management. Build an engaged audience and send them personalized marketing messages that capture their imagination at just the right time with campaign touch-points based on automotive key dates, from lease expiry to the next service due.

How it works – the most complete toolbox ever developed for digital dealership marketing

Build narrowly-targeted audiences based on key automotive touchpoints like vehicles owned and key vehicle dates. Campaigns Management seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to import contact and other data via web services or 2-way sync, utilizing Campaigns Management’s powerful API. Contacts are then segmented based on rules which combine demographic data such as age and zip code with vehicle data including model, age and key automotive dates such as last service date, current mileage or lease expiry. Previous interactions can also be recorded, to avoid the common pitfall of unnerving customers with uncoordinated or irrelevant marketing messages.
With Campaigns Management’s 100% centralised web platform you can then create highly engaging personalised campaigns utilising a multitude of channels, set overall and intermediary campaign goals, reduce communication time, capture customer interactions from view to click to conversion, monitor results in real-time and automatically assign generated leads to Digital Sales Workplace.

Key Benefits

  • One platform; perpetual campaigns; multiple channels.
    Target precise groups of customers with relevant promotions and leverage multiple marketing channels to pursue unified goals. Customers are carefully nurtured over time with perpetual marketing strategies, while the dealership saves time and money by using the most complete toolbox ever developed to manage and monitor campaigns; leaving only creative work to agencies.
  • Powerful audience-building. Increase trust and brand advocacy by using previous engagement data to build niche audiences. Use customer touch points based on automotive key dates (for example, the next service or lease expiry date) to send personalised marketing messages at just the right time.
  • Real-time monitoring of results from initial marketing communication to customer purchase.
    Gain full control over your marketing campaigns by easily monitoring the results from every system that tracks customer activity.
  • Know the exact revenue achieved following each campaign.
    By integrating OneDealer Campaigns Management with the other modules of the OneDealer Platform as well as your DMS and CRM, you’ll gain immediate insight into the ROI of each campaign and coordinate work towards goals set by the importer or distributor.
  • Get rid of duplicate data and avoid unnerving customers.
    Put an end to uncoordinated marketing messages and consolidate campaign data from all existing systems using one or two-way synchronisation for customer, vehicle and other enterprise data.

An Overview of available Channels


Enables marketing teams to effortlessly create engaging, personalized multi-step email campaigns and monitor delivery statistics, open rates and click-through’s (CTR).


Personalized text messaging. Includes branded sender IDs and the ability to auto-split larger texts into multiple messages for maximum deliverability

Google Ads

Gain complete control over budget setting, costs-per-click and the duration of campaigns without having to become a Google Ads expert.

Facebook Ads

Create highly targeted adverts based on location and interest, and manage every aspect of each Facebook promotion

Regular Mail

Users can easily create personalized paper documents and print or send them to a printing house. Postal office report can then be imported into the system.

Call Center

Create your audience, prepare the call script and send it to your agent’s application or to the Call Centre module of Sales and Lead Management.

Why Campaigns Management

  • Run versatile marketing campaigns via Email, SMS, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, regular post and even call centres – all from one platform.
  • • Benefit from targeted promotions based on automotive key dates, from lease or guarantee expiry to seasonal tires change or next service due.
  • Save money by gaining full control over your campaigns leveraging the most complete digital marketing toolbox ever developed for the automotive business. Leave only creative work to agencies.


By using Campaigns Management, marketing teams can build strategic lists of contacts in order to send highly-engaging marketing messages based on key automotive information (e.g. vehicles owned, key vehicle dates).

Campaigns Management seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to read contact and other data. Alternatively, contacts can be added to the database manually via a website form, Excel file upload, by implementing a web service or synced two-ways, utilizing Campaigns Management’s powerful API.

The resulting contact lists can then be segmented based on rules which combine demographic data such as age and zip code with vehicle data including model, age, and the last service date or current mileage. Previous actions on behalf of the contact can also be used to segment your customer database to avoid the common pitfall of unnerving customers with uncoordinated or irrelevant marketing messages.

With Campaigns Management, dynamic lists and audiences can be created, saved and re-used in future promotions or within perpetual, ‘set and forget’ campaigns.

A marketing campaign is nothing without a goal.

With Campaigns Management, dealerships can set overall and intermediary campaign objectives, reduce communication time, capture customer interactions, monitor results in real-time and automatically assign generated leads to Sales & Lead Management. Let’s look at an example:

Let’s suppose your objective is to increase sales for a specific service package by implementing a voucher scheme. You will need to measure both the intermediary achievements (for example, the precise moment at which a potential customer opens your SMS message or clicks-through to your landing page from a Google or email campaign) and the final goal (for example, the moment when the voucher is redeemed).

Campaigns Management can also “listen” to any third-party platform for customer feedback and interaction, with minimal integration. By linking everyday customer activities conducted in the physical world (for example, dealership visits) with their reaction to digital campaigns, dealerships can build a far more comprehensive picture of customer habits.

Generated leads are directly added to the Sales and Lead Management module based on rules and without any user interaction while monitoring your campaigns’ performance finally becomes simple, reducing the need for costly external marketing agencies and consultants and removing the delays caused by exchanging lead and contact sheets.

Campaigns Management brings every leading promotional channel under one roof for car dealerships.

Current channel integrations include:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Regular post (snail mail)
  • Call centre

Centralized access, management and monitoring of multiple channels means no more logging into separate services or having to deal with channel-specific applications.

Campaigns Management is fully web-based, enabling it to be accessed from virtually any internet-connected device, without any loss in functionality.

This offers the following benefits:

  1. True portability. You’ll no longer be tied to your desktop computer.
  2. No on-site installation. The system can be deployed quickly and conveniently, without the need for installation on individual workstations and tablets.

Run Campaigns Management on-premises or in the Cloud:

  • No need for servers.
    If you wish, we can take care of all hosting for Campaigns Management, therefore all your dealership needs is a web connection and devices for staff.
  • The latest updates – fast.
    The system can be updated quickly and with minimal disruption, giving users access to the latest Campaigns Management features as soon as they’re ready.

Campaigns Management provides an extensive set of features which result in a system that will transform any car dealership’s marketing strategy. Some of the module’s additional functionalities include:

  • Voucher codes. Automatically generated and can be unique or campaign-wide.
  • Re-usable audiences and campaign templates. Set-up once, use forever. Perpetual marketing made simple.
  • Mass campaigns. Schedule huge email campaigns across multiple channels and monitor their effectiveness from one central console.
  • Scheduled launches. Tell the system to instigate promotional campaigns based on key automotive customer data or dates for maximum engagement (for example ten days before the next service date).