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Business Analytics

What’s really going on inside your dealership?

The inner workings of today’s automotive business are extremely complex and without the correct analysis tools, it is nearly impossible to reveal areas which perform below average or create losses. The only way to gain a full understanding of your business is to employ analytics which both encapsulate big data from all operational and transactional systems and present the information concisely, in a digestible form.

Welcome Business Analytics: The first reporting and management suite developed exclusively for auto dealerships, including industry-specific and customized KPIs.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time performance monitoring  enables you to compare performance with targets agreed with OEMs or distributors. Understand your data and take action early on to never miss a bonus payment again.
  • Monitor spare parts Optimize warehousing and reduce stocks by 15% by keeping a close eye on all spare parts movements. No more guesswork.
  • 360˚Buyer view Increase your sales efficiency by gaining access to real, actionable data on customer needs. Meet the complex modern car buyer journey head on with a 360˚ view of their interactions.
  • Competition insight Gain instant insight into the competitive automotive landscape like never before. Access realtime comparisons of second-hand car prices while meeting with prospective customers. 

Why Business Analytics

  • Dig into Big Data to gain actionable insight faster than ever before.
  • Easily digest personalised customer data and dynamic business information.
  • Benefit from a flexible and scalable information infrastructure.
  • Inexpensive and easy to adopt thanks to OneDealer’s native cloud design.


Business Analytics combines data from virtually any system within the dealership IT landscape, including DMS, OEM systems, CRM, planning data, details on customer experience and competitor data as well as workshop/service department and after-sales analytics.

With Business Analytics, today’s automotive business can benefit from many years of data scientists and technologists’ collective experience to realize the power of Big Data. One of the key benefits is its simple and intuitive visual dashboard, which presents users with consolidated information, combining numbers and charts with real-time drill-down capabilities into every single transaction.

The result is an extensive dashboard tailored to a dealership’s key performance indicators, including a set of domain, country, and brand-specific KPIs, enabling users to make quicker decisions, improve processes and raise employee performance.

Business Analytics dramatically reduces the time needed to find the right data and benchmarks for your business

  • Real-time performance monitoring compared to targets agreed with OEMs. Take quick actions to get bonus payments and improve partnerships.
  • Benchmark single areas, utilizations, and profitability of service packages and more. Increase the productivity of your workshop and avoid shortages while managing services.
  • Drill down to discover the reasons for anomalies and identify corrective measures.
  • Monitor spare parts, optimize warehousing and reduce stock-on-hand by up to 15%
  • Get a comprehensive, detailed financial view. Increase transparency and reduce your working capital by up to 10%.
  • Gain support for your negotiation strategy in seconds, during encounters with prospective buyers via Competition Insights, including real-time market data for new and used vehicles.
  • 360˚Buyer view. Increase your sales efficiency by gaining access to real, actionable data on customer needs

The Business Analytics Dashboard comes with pre-loaded views which can be customized according to dealerships’ requirements and based on best practices and OEM-recognized automotive KPIs.

It additionally enables businesses to monitor performance in all areas of the dealership and deeply explore individual departments to increase both efficiency and returns.

With Business Analytics, comparing actual business performance against set goals becomes simple. Partnerships with OEMs are strengthened and bonus payments based on actual results are easier to secure than ever before.

Business Analytics is developed on the SAP Business Objects platform: a flexible and scalable business intelligence infrastructure, including a full data warehouse, metadata layer, web intelligence and a plethora of visualisation tools, designed to help users uncover and share insights to support better decisions. Data integration with existing IT landscapes is seamless, thanks to SAP in-memory technology which synchronizes data with the OneDealer analytics platform and delivers lightning-fast intelligence and Big Data analysis.

You can benefit from a simple and secure cloud approach, based on Microsoft Azure, or choose to install the solution on-premise, within your data center.

  • Advanced analytics based on pre-defined OEM KPIs
  • User customizable queries
  • Intuitive interface for user jump start
  • Full cloud approach for reduced cost of ownership
  • Flexible deployment options, with little or no integration required
  • Access anywhere, from any device

Thanks to OneDealer’s simple user interface and device independency, your data journey can begin anytime, anywhere.

Key features

Measure performance based on pre-defined automotive KPIs

Easily explore and drill down into every single transaction

Focus on the actual revenue and profit/loss of your sales department.

Flexible cloud or on-premise deployment

Lightning-fast in-memory technology

Access real-time competition data

Customer voice

At Autohaus BMW Melkus, it is very important to monitor our key figures on a single dashboard, at a glance. The co-operation with the colleagues of OneDealer has always been positive. Our requirements have always benn prioritized , and responses were spectacularly fast. I work with the solution every day and get my key figures much faster than before. On top i have the possibility to create my tables with additional views on customer data, which helps my evaluations. With OneDealer Analytics on top of our existing DMS, we got a powerful evaluation tool tha provides a quick overview of the results in the dealer. I can highly recommend OneDealer Analytics to any auto retailer.- Sven Witting - Branch Manager BMW Autohaus Melkus

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