OneDealer Automotive Platform

Your path to Digital Transformation

What is OneDealer

The OneDealer Automotive Solution is an Integrated Cloud Platform for auto retailers which brings innovation and simplicity throughout today’s digital transformation imperative and helps them become a best-run business.

Digital Sales Workplace

With the modern car buyer taking a complex journey towards their final purchase, car dealerships need to be ready to maximize their impact during every digital and physical step of the process…

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Welcome to dealership campaign management – contained under one roof. Building an engaged audience and sending them personalized marketing messages that capture their imagination at just the right time is a challenge for vehicle dealerships in the digital age…

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Business Analytics

The inner workings of today’s automotive business are extremely complex and without the correct analysis tools, it is near impossible to reveal inefficiencies or areas in which losses are made. Welcome, Business Analytics: The first reporting and management suite developed exclusively for auto dealerships…

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Online Service Management

An intuitive, transparent online booking portal enables customers to easily navigate their vehicle make and model tree, select and combine service packages with simple pricing, and chose from a number of flexible payment options – no matter where they happen to be…

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My site

Turn digital leads into concrete sales with a cutting-edge digital presence suite and help your dealership fully embrace Digital Transformation by quickly deploying an SEO optimized website and building customer loyalty via an ever-present connection with the dealership…

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Car Sharing Management

Car Sharing Management is offered as an SaaS application to new mobility providers, dealer networks, rental & leasing agencies and businesses with a fleet to utilise. OneDealer will white-label Car Sharing Management to your brand and customize it to the exact requirements of your customer base.

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Online Sales

Reach a global audience and offer your service to anyone.

  • Centralized Inventory management
  • Seamless integrations with your existing DMS or ERP
  • Availability, scalability and speed… at a low TCO

Virtual Showroom

The customer can have a virtual walkthrough in a dealership’s showroom, look at the available models, and have in summary the  technical details, the add-ons, and the start price.

Connected to the Promo Pages that provide  more detailed information, it gives the  opportunity of creating an inquiry by sharing some basic contact  information.

This results to higher duration of website user sessions, to higher loyalty and to a higher conversion rate.

Digital After Sales Workplace

  • Simple and straightforward service experience
  • More time to connect with your customers and discuss issues of concern
  • Make your customers feel part of their vehicle service
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises with walk-around vehicle check
  • Provide transparent pricing

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