Apr 09

OneDealer introduces “Pythagoras” pioneering Sales Turbo for Car Dealers, Dealer Networks and Car Importers

“Pythagoras” Artificial Intelligence (AI) first supported Omni Channel Digital Customer Journey

KOBLENZ, GERMANY, April 9, 2019:  Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes the helm at Automotive Customer Journeys predicting a new level of sales success: with its AI-first sales assistant “Pythagoras” OneDealer, a leading supplier of automotive cloud solutions, is now providing a unique sales tool. Pythago-ras enables car dealerships, networks and importers to create personalized Omni Channel Automotive Customer Journeys. From the first customer contact to test drives, purchase decisions, vehicle deliveries and further customer service, Pythagoras provides a compre-hensive range of channels to address consumers, strengthen customer retention and to make sure every single lead is on the right track, and not one will get lost in day-to-day business.

Omni Channel Customer Journey: Pythagoras connects to potential customers through each and every online and offline communication channel they use while they are looking for a particular car brand, car model or cars in general. Once car retailers have started a Customer Journey with potential buyers, they can communicate with them during all phases of the journey and provide them with appropriate information and personalized messages.

Find and commit your valued customers: Over 90% of all consumers are searching for their future car in the internet, until they finally visit a dealership to take a closer look at “the real thing”. So, if a sales person is ambitious and target oriented, he or she can use Pythagoras to address consumers at a very early stage of the decision finding process, and make sure to take every further step on the Customer Journey alongside the consumer until the deal is closed.

Efficient and personalized customer interactions through data analytics: Pythagoras de-fines the optimum customer approach by analyzing historical data and correlations with successful deals, extracts new trends from retail data and predicts vary events for taking quick countermeasure. Pythagoras assists car retail networks with a new, highly capable communication channel via chatbots, providing dealer services such as test drives or maintenance booking. It also offers car configuration without human involvement and provides omni channel marketing campaigns to boost aftersales business and optimize dealer inventory. Smart recommendations for today’s interactions of sales managers, recommendations for inventory optimization and a huge array of other smart functions make Pythagoras a vital sales booster for the car trade.

Robert Schuessler, OneDealer Global Account Executive says: “Using the Omni Channel enabled Digital Customer Journey of OneDealer our customers, dealer networks, car importers and OEM’s are now able to predict car sales precisely several weeks in advance. Artificial Intelligence support by “Pythagoras” is helping for example sales managers in dealerships to perform the right next step, to take expedient actions within the Customer Journey to boost car sales and never again lose customers or deals.”