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Does your auto insurance business hold untapped revenue potential?

Turn your information advantage into a tactical competitive edge and benefit from an innovative data-based business model.

Let’s examine the unique information advantage held by auto insurers today: As an auto insurer, you have access to big customer and vehicle data which other retailers don’t, enabling you to offer products and services at an unheard-of scale of personalisation, enabled by a fully digitalised customer journey. Even more critically, insurers are the first to find out when drivers intend to sell their vehicle, as is the case when they are about to terminate their insurance contract; this information offers an unmissable competitive advantage.

Meet OneDealer

Tap into a huge used car market where vehicles can be bought below market value and sold on at a handsome profit.

Initially, the vehicle can be purchased by the insurer at a price that works for the owner, through OneDealer’s seamless end-to-end digital process. OneDealer then streamlines the process of reselling it at the optimum possible profit, quickly, by facilitating evaluation and/or repair work and automatically publishing it to selected online marketplaces.

The result? A high-profit margin for minimal investment and next to no time required on your part.

OneDealer will help you harness this customer journey by ensuring your business achieves optimal profit at every step while car owners discover a no-nonsense, simple way to sell or purchase their vehicle, digitally.

How does it work?

OneDealer provides a complete Cloud-based software solution, powered by innovative, AI-powered tools which cover every aspect of used car sales, offering customers an engaging digital experience while maximising opportunities for profitability, every step of the way.

  1. Easily published landing pages offer drivers attractive buyback deals and win auto insurers new leads.
  2. Flexible, workflow-assisted CRM processes to:
    • share lead details with your evaluation partner and workshops;
    • assign tasks and track progress and communications among colleagues, external partners and the lead;
    • provide AI-assisted workflow to exchange price quotes with the seller and agree on the deal; and
    • auto-generate, manage and sign documents and contracts.
  3. A complete car evaluation tool for external partners, experts and consultants.
  4. Seamless integration for publishing vehicles onto selected online marketplaces and car auction platforms to win sales quickly and efficiently.

OneDealer is proven to help increase margins

  • Maximise your profitability at every step of the customer journey by digitalising processes end-to-end, thus reducing unnecessary overheads.
  • Delight your customers with the most engaging digital automotive retail experience on the market.
  • Leverage your big data with machine learning-driven processes to offer customers the best possible pricing.
  • Put your commitment to innovation and digital transformation into practice

About us

OrganizationOneDealer International GmbH
HeadquartersKoblenz, Germany
IndustryAutomotive Software Solutions
Solution partnerSAP

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The Success Road

What our customers say

OneDealer helps  leading auto insurer in Germany digitalise and establish the most innovative automotive retail process in the market.

  • The innovative, end-to-end digital automotive retail business model was up and running within just 11 weeks.
  • Integrated workflow-based Cloud CRM processes for buying and selling vehicles, landing pages generation, a full DMS/ERP for processing, scheduling and accounting, dynamic pricing, a car evaluation tool and integration with online B2C and B2B marketplaces.

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