Mobility as a Service

Groundbreaking applications for a
trouble-free traveler experience

OneDealer’s Mobility as a Service (MaaS) apps and solutions simplifies the traveler experience and promotes access to mobility rather than owning the means of mobility. Whether you are a car-rental, leasing, car retailer business MaaS solutions can increase the utilization of your fleet and provide a more user-friendly, digital, and intelligent customer experience.

Car Sharing

Invest in the future of transportation

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Fleet Management

Increase the efficiency of your fleet

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Rental on Demand

On-demand platform for easy Car rental

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  • Tap into a growing market and contribute to a greener society
    Mobility-as-a-service is widely considered to be the future of urban transportation. This revolution is taking place right now, and it’s your opportunity to run a more profitable, environmentally conscious business.
  • Maximise fleet utilisation
    Cars sitting in the parking lot are costing you money, every second. Gain the maximum value and profitability from your fleet with our mobility solution and offer your customers the digital service they expect.
  • Fast and intuitive experience
    Deliver a modern, fully digital 2-click car booking experience with our mobile app. It’ll reflect brilliantly on your brand.
  • Make informed decisions with big data
    Say goodbye to guesswork and make proper decisions derived from data you can rely on and which comes from the heart of your operation.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
    Our mobility platform will play perfectly with your existing systems, helping you create a fully integrated tech stack which raises efficiencies within your business.
  • Automate your processes and remove human error
    Save time, avoid human error and become a more productive, lean operation, thanks to our automated processes.Enjoy a fast, remote implementation
    You simply won’t believe how quickly our MaaS platform can be installed and employees onboarded.