Fleet Management

A Cloud fleet management solution for large and small operations

Get the most out of your fleet, reducing operational costs

Our vehicle management platform will help you manage your fleet anytime, anywhere, no matter its size or complexity, and ensure its safety and compliance with preventative maintenance regulations. With powerful features tackling every facet of management, including maintenance, refuelling and costs monitoring, you can now save on admin costs and focus your resources where they matter most: growing your automotive business.

A cloud-based software solution that helps companies track, analyze and improve their fleet operations

Vehicle Management

Create or import vehicles, Manage vehicle information

Driver/User Management

Create or import drivers/users, Manage driver information and personal data, Create and allocate User Roles

Location Management

Add and manage locations (name, location, working hours, phone number)

Key Benefits

  • Boost profitability. There’s latent revenue sitting deep within your fleet. Our system will help you find it and maximise profits.
  • Guarantee fleet safety. You’ll have ultimate peace of mind, thanks to our platform’s ability to provide a bird’s eye view of your entire fleet’s status and security.
  • Gain control. You’re in absolute control. Use our extensive range of features, big data analytics and a 360o customer view insights to grow your business – your way.
  • Insightful analytics for informed decision-making. Immediately available, up-to-the-minute performance data and analytical information with drill-down capabilities is always just a click away.
  • Full integration with existing systems. Our platform will sit at the heart of your business, but it’s also DMS-independent and capable of interfacing with your existing system over open standards, for a fully integrated and scalable tech stack.

Key Functionalities

  • Telematics. Our innovative telematics service feeds a wealth of real-time vehicle data to fleet managers. Combining GPS with on-board diagnostics and recording, you can gain full control of where your cars are and gain instant feedback on their status, speed and behaviour, all from one screen.
  • Full fleet management features. Our platform is designed to help you manage every type of fleet, from spare vehicles, to your car-sharing fleet, to courtesy, replacement and test drive cars. Enjoy powerful features tackling every challenge, including maintenance, refuelling and costs monitoring.
  • Dedicated school bus solution. If you run a school bus business, our platform includes a dedicated set of tools to help you manage the entire operation efficiently, coupled with an engaging tracking mobile app for parents.
  • Special provisions for public vehicles. Are you a municipality or other public body, running a vehicle fleet? Our platform will kickstart your operation’s digital transformation and make it more compliant, efficient and citizen-friendly.