Leading VW Group importer
goes Live

with OneDealer Digital Sales Workplace


The OneDealer Automotive Solution is an Integrated Cloud Platform for auto retailers which brings innovation and simplicity throughout today’s digital transformation imperative and helps them become a best-run business.

Kosmocar moves its dealer networks into the digital era with OneDealer

Established in 1970, Kosmocar is an official importer and distributor of VW,
Audi and Skoda automobiles. Having operated from their base in Greece
for over forty-seven years, this innovative company has established
a wealth of trust with its customers across its 120 authorized dealers.

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Xenakis provides an unparalleled customer experience with OneDealer’s Car Sharing for replacement cars during maintenance

The multi-brand car dealer has used Car Sharing to transform their replacement car service during maintenance by allowing customers to book replacement vehicles via a simple web and mobile app…

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