Case Study: OneDealer automotive retail suite

Loop collects revenue in less than 4 months after signing up with OneDealer™

Project Description


  • Long-distance time difference 11 hours
  • Installation of both h/w and software, the pilot operation, the testing period, the customization of the platform to New Zealand’s culture and laws


  • Installation of the devices in conventional cars, installation and white labeling of the software platforms
  • Deliver a ready to the market product, with a demanding technology, with 24/7 support and training.
  • Training Ebbett’s engineers in order to: a) be fully capable to install the h/w devices in the cars and b)to make all the configurations and communication between the h/w and the s/w platform.
  • Training Ebbett’s administrators in order to a) be fully capable to manage the s/w apps (b/o platform, mobile app, web app) b) to finalize the needed customizations of the platform in order to be congruent with the local culture and laws (taxes, privacy, etc)
  • Deliver fast

Voice of the Customer:

We are also very happy with the software solution they provide us. The application is stable and easy to use, and the back-office is very intuitive with all the features that we require. It was simple to add our branding to the customer-facing app and make the required changes needed for our particular solution and market. They are also a forward-thinking company with a desire to grow and improve.
Mr. Brett GlensorTechnology & CX Manager for Loop Carshare
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