Case Study

Leading automotive Insurance company increases customer royalty and establishes a new Business Model in just 11 weeks!


HUK Coburg is a German Market leader in the Automotive Insurance market supporting 11.6 Mio car owners and their cars. These customers buy and sell 1.7mio cars per year in the German Automotive Retail market! The car insurance business is under a significant Intelligent Digital Transformation. With HUK Autowelt and the OneDealer Platform, HUK intends to take advantage of this megatrend to establish a new Business Model and significantly increase Customer Loyalty and Customer Retention.

Quick info

OrganizationHUK Autowelt
IndustryCar Insurance
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One Dealer Automotive Platform
SAP Business One on HANA

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The Challenge

  • Needed a robust system to optimize and improve access to own large customer base
  • Integrate third party organization (Carglass) for trade in car evaluation in the digital process
  • Critical Time to market as competition is aggressive and active in this market
  • Looking to grow from zero to €100m within the next 3-5 years
  • The parent company runs SAP

Why OneDealer™?

  • OneDealer is an integrated cloud platform for automotive businesses integrates with SAP Business One
  • OneDealer Platform is a scalable flexible, solid and intelligent cloud-based IT Platform for fast ongoing adaptions (less than 11 weeks)
  • End-to-end digital workflow for trade-in and used car sales process


  • The implementation was a great success made possible by the joint effort between HUK-AUTOWELT, OneDealer and SAP, and was performed in record time (under 3 months)
  • The integrated solution spans all processes in the chain from the purchase of the car, through deployment, processing, and customer management to sales in the most effective way

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