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Car Sharing Management

A growing car sharing market – an opportunity not to be missed
By 2050, experts predict the world will grow to 9.7 billion people. Public transport will not be able to meet this demand, making private driving the default choice for most people. Car Sharing Management is offered as an SaaS application to new mobility providers, dealer networks, rental & leasing agencies and businesses with a fleet to utilise. OneDealer will white-label Car Sharing Management to your brand and customize it to the exact requirements of your customer base. The platform is multi-lingual and compatible with any type of vehicle.

Who is it for?

  • Don’t be an observer. Tap into the growing car sharing market and benefit today! Your fleet is full of hidden revenue-generating opportunities
  • Car dealerships have everything they need to be part of the car sharing revolution by turning their fleets and premises into car sharing hubs.
  • You already offer services such as repping, cleaning and servicing – why not take them further?
  • This is your chance to upgrade cars on behalf of the manufacturer.
  • Your dealership could become a profitable pick-up and drop-off point.
  • With policy makers firmly supporting car sharing models, vehicles in your fleet could become the perfect method of public transportation.
  • Your fleet contains hidden revenue that demands to be explored
  • Take advantage of the low season and establish an additional flow of revenue
  • Smart mobility solutions represent an investment for savvy investors
  • Gain exposure to the millennial generation’s spending power.
  • Turn your business location into a profitable pick-up and drop-off point

How does it work?

A simple, 2-click car sharing process

With OneDealer Car Sharing Management, you can offer the public a 2-click car reservation procedure, without restrictions. Your fleet can secure a valuable source of revenue while delivering the seamless end-to-end service which drivers increasingly demand.

Key benefits

  • Maximise the utilisation of your fleet: Cars sitting in the parking lot are costing your business, every second; why not get them out on the road, earning money?
  • Tap into a growing market: Car sharing is widely considered to be the future of urban transportation and presents numerous revenue-making opportunities for businesses like yours.
  • A superb user experience: Offer drivers a fast and intuitive mobile app experience from user registration to vehicle selection, booking, driving and invoicing.
  • Multi-lingual: Reach a global audience and offer your car sharing service to anyone, without language barriers.

Key features

Seamless 2-click reservation

Drivers can locate their ideal vehicle nearby, reserve it, unlock it with their smartphone and start driving.

Alternative driving models

shared cars can be driven round-trip (collected and dropped at the same location), station-based (collected and dropped at specific stations) or free-floating (vehicle can be picked up or dropped off in any legal parking area).

Flexible tariffs

Set the tariffs you desire based on dynamic rules, including location and perimeter-based geofencing.

Operator platform

A complete toolbox for your car-sharing business, from vehicle management and maintenance to pricing, invoicing, back-office functionality and reporting. Our flexible API integrates effortlessly with your ERP.

Telematics and analytics

Control units in each car transmit location and other real-time data through GSM. These, along with historical data are utilised in big-data analytics for fleet use, maintenance and statistics with drill-down capabilities

Marketing campaigns

Build loyalty and reach out to lapsed customers with flexible campaigns.

Why Sales & Lead

  • We understand the modern car buyer’s journey, and that understanding is woven into the fabric of Sales & Lead Management.
  • Car dealerships are in full control of enquiries, leads and opportunities, with sales staff guided through automated processes that know when to hand over the reins.
  • Managers are able to take a holistic, bird’s eye view of the entire sales process and customise workflows to fit every car make and market segment.