Dec 17

OneDealer is now part of SAP’s Industry Cloud for Automotive!

So excited for making it into SAP's Industry Cloud for Automotive applications in the SAP Store! This Futurum industry infosheet takes a look at common automotive industry challenges, explores technology solutions that can help address these challenges, and highlights the positive outcomes organizations are likely to see as a result.... read more →
Sep 25

OneDealer and proaxia– a partnership for seamless digital transformation of sales and service

Koblenz, 25 September 2020 – OneDealer International GmbH announces new partnership with proaxia automotive solutions ag. The collaboration is aimed at integration of OneDealer’s Digital Sales Workplace with the proaxia Vehicle Sales and Service Suite (proaxia VSS Suite), creating a comprehensive and flexible end-to-end solution for vehicle retailers worldwide. “We... read more →
Aug 25
Jul 28
How to lead your dealership marketing with actionable data

An introduction to email marketing for car dealers

You’d be forgiven for assuming that in a world of instant messaging and social media, email is now rather old fashioned. Think again. This year, half of the world’s population is expected to be actively using email, and that means car dealerships can be pretty certain that their customers are... read more →
Jun 25
May 29
May 28
Apr 23
6 reasons the time for the virtual dealership is now - Cloud automotive CRM and DMS solutions can be implemented far quicker than their on-premise counterparts. And in OneDealer’s case, our engineering teams have repeatedly fully onboarded automotive customers in a record less than 45 days, while working 100% remotely

6 reasons the time for the virtual dealership is now!

At the time of writing, the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) has pushed the digital imperative even further forward. This unfortunate time will thankfully pass, but the need for auto dealerships to arm themselves with capabilities to operate digitally, both for customer-facing operations and in the back office, will live on... read more →
Feb 19
Are you ready to offer your customer a seamless car buying experience?

4 ways to adopt an omnichannel dealership sales approach

Significant technological advances in the digital ecosystem are providing rich opportunities for automotive businesses to create new revenue models and increase customer engagement. This is thanks largely to the rise of the omnichannel experience, and it has resulted in three global trends that are having a big impact on automotive:... read more →
Jan 22