Marketing teams

Build an engaged audience and embrace your entire marketplace. Target precise groups of customers with relevant promotions and leverage multiple marketing channels to pursue unified goals.

Simplify your digital marketing efforts and focus on reaching your audience

With Campaign Management, dealerships benefit from campaigns based around automotive touchpoints, from lease end dates to the next service due. Customers are gently nurtured with perpetual marketing strategies, while the dealership saves time and money by using the most complete toolbox ever developed to manage and monitor campaigns; leaving only the creative work to agencies.


  • Reach more customers through every channel: Conduct versatile marketing campaigns via Email, SMS, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, regular post and even call centres – all from one platform.
  • Powerful audience-building tools: Build tightly-defined audiences by hitting touchpoints based on key automotive dates, segmenting by demographics, vehicle data, previous engagement and data from third-parties. Your customers receive highly personalised marketing messages, at just the right time.
  • Gain full control: Set overall and intermediary campaign objectives, reduce communication time, capture customer interactions, reduce marketing agency costs, monitor results in real-time and automatically assign generated leads to Digital Sales Workplace.
  • Avoid unnerving customers: Put an end to uncoordinated marketing messages and consolidate campaign data from all existing systems using one or two-way synchronisation for customer, vehicle and other enterprise data.

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