Sales Process

Unleash your sales team’s potential

We have a deep understanding of the modern car buyer. Take control of the customer journey with OneDealer’s human, holistic and structured approach to the sales process. Help your dealership will convert more leads into confirmed orders than ever before.

Business Analytics

Reporting and management suite developed for auto dealerships

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Campaigns Management

Plan and deliver effective multi-Omni channel automotive campaigns

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Digital Presence

Stay connected to customers with personalised web and mobile apps

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Digital Sales Workplace

Innovative Cloud CRM and Sales Solution for your Automotive business

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Benefits for your Sales Team

The car buying process is significantly different from what it used to be. With OneDealer, new enquiries from all channels are guided through a workflow-based process that is driven by the sales team and fully tracked by the system. Liberate sales people from cumbersome administrative tasks, allow them to unleash their true potential and watch as response times decrease and confirmed orders rise.

  • Maximize sales teams efficiency: No more communication leaks. Sales staff work faster and smarter, thanks to a connected, workflow-based enquiry process, minimizing response time to leads. Management monitor and collaborate with sales people while in full view of evolving opportunities.
  • Boost customer satisfaction: Customers receive timely emails, SMS messages and a personalised microsite relating to their enquiry, while maintaining a clear view of the offer on the table.
  • Staff engagement: Painless navigation through a structured sales processes, auto-generated documentation and instant collaboration are delivered via an intuitive and tablet-ready web interface.
  • Fully customizable: Management can define & customise standardized workflows, with manual and automated steps, to fit any vehicle make, market segment, source/channel or customer group.
  • Cutting-edge technology: Digital Sales Workplace is built on SAP technology which delivers blistering speed and rock-solid reliability while scaling effortlessly. Available either via secure cloud or on-site.