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What’s really going on inside your dealership?

Understand your Data and make better Decisions

Welcome to Analytics Management: The first reporting and management platform developed exclusively for auto dealerships, including industry-specific and customized KPIs. Gain a profound understanding of your business and utilize analytics which both encapsulate big data from all operational and transactional systems and present the information compactly.

Powerful Analytics for your automotive Business

Developed exclusively for automotive businesses

Powered by SAP Lumira Analytics

Combines data from virtually any system within the dealership

How it works

Business Analytics combines data from virtually any system within the dealership, including DMS, OEM systems, CRM, planning data, details on customer experience and competitor data as well as workshop / service department and after-sales key figures.

With Business Analytics, today’s automotive business can benefit from years of data scientists and technologists’ collective experience to realize the power of Big Data. The intuitive visual dashboard presents managers with consolidated information, combining figures and charts with real-time drill-down capability into every single transaction, powered by SAP BusinessObjects.

The result is an extensive dashboard tailored to dealership KPIs, including a set of domain, country and brand-specific KPIs, enabling users to make faster decisions, improve processes and raise employee performance.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time performance monitoring allows you to compare performance with targets agreed with OEMs or distributors. Understand your data and take action early.
  • Monitor spare parts. Optimize warehousing and reduce stocks by keeping a close eye on all spare parts movements. No more guesswork.
  • 360˚Buyer view. Increase your sales efficiency by gaining access to real, actionable data on customer needs. Meet the complex modern car buyer journey head-on with a 360˚ view of their interactions.
  • Competition insight. Gain instant insight into the competitive automotive landscape like never before. Access real-time comparisons of second-hand car prices while meeting with prospective customers.

Key Functionalities

  • Measure performance based advanced Analytics with pre-defined KPIs.
  • Easily explore and drill down into every single transaction.
  • Focus on the actual revenue and profit/loss of your sales department.
  • Lightning-fast in-memory technology.
  • Access real-time competition data.
  • User customizable own queries.
  • Intuitive interface for user jump start.
  • Full Cloud approach for reduced cost of ownership.
  • Flexible Deployment options, with little or no integration required.
  • Access anywhere, from any device.