Mar 27

5 reasons cloud software will remove stress from your dealership

There was once a time, when to install an information system for your dealership, you required expensive on-site server infrastructure, hardwired computer networks and software deployed and customized within your premises. Not to mention personnel training overheads and adoption difficulties.

This was costly, disruptive and placed the entire burden of both running and maintaining the system on the dealership’s shoulders.

Now, we live in the age of Cloud computing, where the requirement for such hardware is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. It offers freedom like no other, by mobilising employees across the business and replacing cumbersome PCs with tablet convenience.

Cloud software also removes a great deal of stress from the operational side of running a dealership, and in this blog post, we’re going to consider 5 reasons it’ll take the load off your business.

  1. Security becomes a secondary concern

When you host data and applications within the four walls of your dealership, you’re inherently at risk, and it’s largely down to you to protect the business against both cybercrime and possible internal threats.

Cloud software doesn’t negate the need for firewalls or vigilance on behalf of staff, but it does remove the pressure from the dealership being the first line of defence.

The best cloud software vendors invest heavily in data security at source, and ensure their systems are constantly up-to-date to cope with the latest forms of attack. And that means you won’t have such primary concerns about IT security.

  1. Users are happier

Having to halt work because of a system update or experience the frustration that comes from frequent system crashes and server downtime is never good for staff morale.

Because cloud software is light on its feet, and with all of the heavy-duty processing performed by the vendor’s infrastructure, your staff benefit from systems that are always available (via the concept of redundancy), lightning-fast and perform consistently.

Put simply, you can say “goodbye” to water cooler chats about system crashes!

  1. Deployment becomes lightning-quick

IT management is made so much simpler when you rely on cloud software.

If a new employee enters your dealership, or you need to have an internal restructuring, there’s nothing you need to do, system-wise; staff can simply pick up a new device or switch desks and continue where they left off.

Low-value IT concerns such as installations become far less burdensome with cloud computing, enabling you to focus on the things that drive your business forward.

  1. You’ll benefit from innovation as it happens

If your dealership system is installed within your premises and a big update is released by the vendor, a significant amount of disruption usually has to take place while it’s applied.

Invariably, this results in updates that are skipped or put off indefinitely. With cloud software, updates take place silently and – typically – within an instant.

  1. IT overheads become manageable

There are few things more stress-inducing than rising overheads that relate to IT, but with the cloud, your operating expenses relating to technology become far more manageable.

Most cloud software is provided under a subscription model that does away with hefty up-front installation and training costs, swapping them instead for a consistent monthly or annual fee.

This makes budgeting far easier, softens switching costs and negates the need to reserve large amounts of capital expenditure for the software your dealership relies on.

Wrapping up

Cloud software is no longer something which is considered jointly alongside on-premise alternatives; it’s the sensible, primary choice for any form of business software.

Today’s dealership software should help you increase productivity, minimize operating expenses, delight customers and keep the workforce happy. Utilizing Cloud, you can make this a reality by removing key stress points from every area of your business.