OneDealer For:

The cloud-based automotive management system for dealerships.

Make your customers’s dream car experience become true and drive efficiency throughout your business with OneDealer.

The OneDealer solution has been built with your business in mind. Combining deep customer insight, enterprise-level functionality and an immediately intuitive user interface: OneDealer is the first approachable automotive solution for all.

Fully cloud-based, OneDealer is easy to deploy, conveniently portable and will help your team deliver an exciting customer experience. Back-office stock control, multi-site support and advanced analytics will keep you in touch with the OEM and in control of your inventory and bottom line. The Connected car platform will keep your customers within the reach of one click.

Feature highlights

  • A cloud-based, mobile-ready platform: no installation, minimal hardware requirements, easy updates and no more forgotten backup routines

  • Provides a simple & intuitive customer journey

  • Compatible with CRM systems and ecommerce platforms

  • Integrate OneDealer with social media platforms to amplify your brand

  • Enables you to monitor cross-dealership availability

  • Full multi-inventory support

  • Enables customers to book services and test drives online


The cloud-based automotive system for OEMs

OneDealer is an all-in-one enterprise resource planning solution for OEMs. Offering cutting-edge features in an approachable, user-centric package, it’s designed with today’s business in mind.

Feature highlights

  • Bring your distributor network closer to you

  • Increase brand loyalty by improving the efficiency of your operation

  • Enable faster collaboration with worldwide automotive suppliers allowing you to respond quickly to development requests

  • Experience fast, secure order management

  • Drill into the detail of you plant operations and performance with enhanced analytics and reports


The cloud-based vehicle management systems for connected cars

The future of driving is here. Bring your connected car to life with OneDealer.

As our vehicles become more intelligent, we need software to match the growing ambitions of the automotive industry. That’s why we developed OneDealer and packed in powerful features for connected cars.

Drive more efficiently, stay safe on the road and know the style of driving and where your car is even if driven by somebody else. When needed, OneDealer Mobile can control your car remotely, advise you about maintenance and suggest a service slot with your dealer. Driving is changing, but you can arrive at the future first with OneDealer.

Feature highlights

  • OneDealer monitors your driving style and provides feedback to help you become a more economic driver

  • Impact alerts: know your limits before you hit them

  • Detailed, live diagnosis of your vehicle’s internal health

  • Delivers stable, high-speed internet access for passengers

  • Start your engine remotely either manually, on schedule or depending on outside temperature

  • Full trip history

  • Car location and speed warnings

  • Smartwatch support


The cloud-based dealer app for drivers

Your car’s every need in your pocket and a fully interactive, connected ownership experience. OneDealer isn’t just for dealerships.

Car ownership should be an enjoyable, stress-free experience. With OneDealer’s driver tools, you’ll gain a direct line through to the dealership, real-time service notifications and up-to-date status reports on maintenance work.

Fully cloud-based and mobile-ready, OneDealer Mobile will transform your smartphone into an intelligent, convenient remote control for your vehicle.

Feature highlights

  • Detailed dealership information at your fingertips including working hours, current offers, addresses and navigation tips

  • Automatic service notifications based on your vehicle’s usage and mileage

  • Benefit from dealership loyalty programs

  • Book services, maintenance and test drives no matter where you are


Why OneDealer

OneDealer is the Automotive solution for the connected world. Touching all 4 corners of the automotive industry, it’ll transform your business and bring you closer to your customers.

Four corners of the automotive world, combined

A cloud-based, mobile-ready platform: no installation, minimal hardware requirements, easy updates and no more forgotten backup routines.

OneDealer connects:

The OEM with the dealership for improved product development and distribution and the drivers with their cars by analysing driving habits, predicting maintenance and upholding road safety.

The only DMS to offer full virtual dealership support

OneDealer gives dealerships the ability to virtualise their operation and connect with customers via smartphone apps. Personalised promotions, detailed vehicle history and predictive maintenance makes for a truly connected experience.

Manage the entire buyer journey

Today’s customers start their buying journey online. With OneDealer, your customers can configure their dream car at their leisure. When satisfied, the chosen configuration is automatically converted into a sales lead and the rest of the buyer journey managed within OneDealer.

Reveal the inner workings of your business

OneDealer offers dealerships enhanced analytics, statistics and actionable data. Think you know your business? OneDealer will ensure you do with competitor comparisons, the ability to reveal hidden supply chain bottlenecks and the ability to call up KPI reports at a moment’s notice, wherever you are.

Hidden power and complexity

Behind the intuitive OneDealer user interface lies a powerhouse of an engine room. Utilising the latest, cutting edge SAP HANA and SAP Business One platforms, OneDealer combines ease-of-use with enterprise-level data analytics and security.

Why OneDealer

Bringing the 4 worlds of the automotive industry together, OneDealer will boost your Dealership’s efficiencies, improve relations with your customers, OEMs and help you connect with Drivers and their Car like never before using Cloud Technology. Find out what makes OneDealer stand out compared to other Automotive solutions

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Discover our OneDealer Solution Suite. The first Tailor-made Automotive Solution. Developed for your needs  and nothing more.

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